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  Stylish wall stickers for interior design

Bring the Outside in with Tree Wall Stickers

There are some beautiful wallpapers around at the moment, but they’re very expensive for people on a tight budget. An excellent alternative is to paint the walls, then customize them with self-adhesive wall stickers. They’re available in a range of sophisticated designs to suit your décor, whether your taste runs to minimalist monochrome or bright colour.

A design of trailing vines and flowers would look stunning around french windows, a doorway or an arch. In an open-plan area, stickers could define the change of use, for example between a kitchen and living area. Hanker after country life? Brighten an urban space with a charming tree sticker to remind you of a cottage garden. Many flats have windowless bathrooms. What could be nicer than lying in the bath looking at a sticker showing a bird perched on a tree branch?

If you have exotic tastes you could create an oriental look with stickers depicting bamboos or a bonsai tree. Remind yourself of that Caribbean holiday with palm tree stickers and dream of lapping waves and blue skies. Put up cacti stickers in a child’s room and develop a cowboy theme he’ll love.

These striking tree stickers may be realistic or starkly stylized. They’re available in a range of colours, so you can let your imagination run riot. Wall stickers are modern and inexpensive. By using them, you customize your home and create a truly original effect. You can even get a Christmas tree design: ideal for a limited space and no dropped needles!